Herb & Co is Europe’s First Marketing Agency for the Hemp and Cannabis Industry – operating since 2018  

Our strenght is our team. Surrounded by 5 international cannabis consultants, we are committed to helping new businesses launch and established businesses grow.  

Over the years, we’ve accumulated a vast network of professionals and valuable resources. 

This allows us to assist all types of businesses at any stage in development, start-up, or operations who are local, national, or even international.


Herb & Co has access to some of the most talented individuals in the industry.

Our team of creatives, business development, and cannabis industry veterans provides a range of services including brand development, marketing plan development and execution, and more

We bring the knowledge and the connections to develop your goal and find the right path to success within the cannabis industry. 







Clara is a cannabis marketing expert and educator evolving in the city of Barcelona.

As a pioneer in CBD within Europe,  she set her first foot in the cannabis industry in 2016 joining the original team of Harmony, the first cannabis startup to launch a CBD product in Europe. 

After working with world-leading cannabis startups, entrepreneurs, and activists building up a strong expertise in Cannabis and the CBD European Market, she launched Herb & Co in 2018.

Writing over 80 educational articles about the cannabis plant, CBD, and the industry surrounding it, she has organized over 40 cannabis events building the European cannabis community. She organized the very first CBD CUP in Europe.

By combining cannabis and marketing, the two passions that shape her life, her main mission is to promote the cannabis education, its industry and culture in Europe.


We know it is difficult to get accurate information in the regulated cannabis industry and find other reliable business professionals.Herb & Co is continuing to do its part by attempting to bridge this gap.

If you’re looking for an industry-leading advisor to assist with your canna-business:

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